The Swiss Gear Computer Bags and Backpacks

Published: 11th May 2011
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Swiss Gear is a company well known for camping and hiking backpacks, but are you

also aware of their production of high quality computer bags and backpacks?

With today's technology being so portable and with the need to be able to safely carry all

this technology, a quality computer bag is in high demand. There are a number of

concerns you need to think about when matching your needs with your budget. Is my

laptop or notebook going to have the necessary protection from the cold, heat, rain, etc,

with this budget carrying case? Am I going to use all of the extra frills that come with

the expensive high end model? Is there a good middle ground to choose from?

All serious companies work very hard on making improvements that will appeal to the

consumers they are targeting. Being one of the market leaders, Swiss Gear takes great

pride in their innovations and their strive for perfection. One of their recent improvements is the comp-u-flex pocket for laptops or notebooks with sizes to fit up to 17 inch notebooks. This pocket helps protect your computer from the elements and with it's snug fit, the bouncing around that can cause damage is minimized. The shoulder straps and chest strap (on the backpacks) act like shock absorbers which also helps keep the backpack from bouncing. Besides providing extra protection, this also keeps the load's weight evenly distributed, so you are not consistently adjusting the load. Swiss Gear has provided many conveniently placed pockets for storing small items (keys, cell phone etc...) that always seem to end up at the bottom of the backpack.

If you are looking for something more professional in appearance, Swiss Gear has a large selection of notebook cases and computer bags. Some of the larger models like the

Saturn Messenger will hold an 17 inch notebook or laptop. Do you want to have the option of having more flexibility? The Comet that has expandable folders built in, is may be just what you would want.

Of course, all of the Swiss Gear computer bags, backpacks and notebook cases have the

comp-u-flex pocket that gives greater protection for your notebook or laptop. There are

other conveniences that you will find in any of the Swiss Gear products.

To learn more about their product lines, workmanship, and quality material and what goes into making them the market leader, you can go to

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